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We don’t hide behind overwrought language, or make overblown promises to reinvent the way design and marketing is done.

We only have one mission:

Making what you want

into something real.


It starts with an idea.

Your idea.

Tell us what you want.


Not quite sure what you want?

We can help.

We'll assist in shaping your idea.


A clear path is ahead. 

We make the idea real



Your idea is now real!

The world needs to know.

We can help position your brand.

Designing for Fun

Our design and management team has worked for some of the very best in the entertainment industry. We take other people's fun very seriously.

Are you a creator?


The Licensed game adaptation of the Netflix TV show ALTERED CARBON benefited from the IDEATION, CONSULTING, DESIGN, and MARKETING from DLRD!


Designing for Science

Leading the way in advances in green energy, bioengineering, and organic farming, these are perhaps clients we have been the most proud to have worked with.

Are you a researcher or inventor?

Designing for Health

Our team has designed for companies advancing medicine and improving patient care.

Are you a health care professional?

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Let's make something real.

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